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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


To point to one instance in your life outside of an art history class where it was useful or interesting to note that a certain column was Doric, Ionic or Corinthian.

It simply hasn't happened to anyone.
Junior - 11:38 AM

Junior, you must be kiddin'! Don't you know the women species known as "the intellectual"?

1.- Bring her to a Museum of Ancient History (Archeology could be fine as well).
2.- Try to explain to her the difference between D-I-C-Columns.
3.- Make sure you made your bed steadily the morning before that.
Hi. I would like to make friends with people who enjoy archeaology. I've joined this site (archeaology) to try to meet some new friends but I wondered if you knew of any other such sites.
interested in archeaology
i'd love for anonymous "to explain to [me] the difference between" a bed that's steadily made and one that is unsteadily made.

tee heeeeeeee
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